Happy Nurses Week!

Happy nurses week to my people! I finished nursing school eight years ago. I spent several years working on a very busy adult medical/surgical floor with some very sick patients. The hospital where I worked celebrated nurses week the very first year I was there. I think we got lunch or something like that. The following year they decided that everyone in the hospital deserved to be celebrated and declared nurses week “hospital week.” That was pretty lame, but would have been fine if they’d stuck to it. They didn’t. They still had physical therapist week and speech therapist week and doctor week… All those people definitely deserve to be celebrated, but don’t nurses deserve to have their own special time? We work our bums off for very little appreciation or acknowledgement.

If you love a nurse, like a nurse, know a nurse, celebrate them this week. Buy them a meal or a cup of coffee. Send a card thanking them for doing a job a lot of people couldn’t do. Here are some more ideas for the special nurse in your life.

Stemless Wine Glasses. Every nurse I know could drink most people under the table. Nurse parties are fun.

Cute compression socks.. We’re on our feet a lot. We often have to wear blah scrubs. Socks that are comfy and fun are always a great gift idea.

This stethoscope tape holder makes it easy to hold your tape on your scope and keep it out of the way.

A personalized water bottle. We work hard. We get very little time for breaks and we get thirsty. Who has time to go to the water cooler and get some water? We need water bottles and having one that is personalized ensures that nobody else will take it.

A watch with a second hand. We really do use it. These brooch style watches are easy to disinfect and we will want to disinfect.

There you have it. Some great ideas for the nurse(s) in your life. Show them you appreciate them. I know I do.



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