What did you Steal today?

When I was pregnant with K, who is 9.5 years younger than S, I was surprised by how much had changed in the way of baby gear. The internet wasn’t as much a part of every day life when I was pregnant with S and my re-introduction to all things baby related expanded exponentially when I was expecting K.  I was in a Facebook mommy group (we’re still going pretty strong 6 years later), and one of the moms mentioned BabySteals. I had to check it out. At the time visitors could check in for two new steals a day. They frequently sold out quickly. I would sign on at 8 am and 8 pm to see what the steal was. It was very exciting and I purchased a few lot of things. I found some good deals and some good baby stuff.

I’ve had three babies in four years so I’m not in the market for much baby gear these days, but I still check BabySteals every day. They’ve changed a little bit. They now offer one steal a day, but it still goes up at 8 in the morning (Pacific time) and I still check it pretty close to that time. They also have a steals site for women, one for kids and one for scrapbookers/crafters.  I check each site every day. Why? Because I get two points for visiting each of those sites every day. Those points add up to $ that I can use to make my steals even better deals! I just bought W a cute pair of Jack and Lily shoes and only paid $3 for shipping. These cuties retail for $32 and I paid $3!! This is the pair I bought him.
My Shoes - Freddie Trainer Red/Black

Aren’t they cute? I can’t wait until they fit him. (I’m planning ahead because my kids always seem to suddenly need shoes immediately and it’s always a surprise. I’m trying to be more prepared.)

Check out all the Steals.com deals and come back and let me know what you were able to Steal today!

These are affiliate links. I earn a small referral commission when you visit or purchase through one of my links.

Loving Mommyhood


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